AT&T and Verizon Potentially Aware that Telephone Cables Risk Lead Exposure

A telephone worker works on top a telephone pole with cable lines.

Shub & Johns LLC launches investigation into large telecom companies like AT&T and Verizon, after it is discovered that many telephone cable lines in place may still be sheathed or covered with lead. This can become an issue when telecom lines neglect to inform consumers that their property contains cable lines covered in lead that may lead to exposure and perhaps further issues.

While the use of lead has become less commonplace, the effects that lead can have on someone’s health can be drastic and potentially fatal. Lead poisoning or high levels of lead found blood can lead to issues with kidneys, heart, and reproductive systems.

Telecom companies are likely aware of the use of lead in decommissioned cables across the US and claim to follow proper safety guidelines when dealing with lead, though the potential health concerns that can come about from lead poisoning or exposure may not be handled quite as efficiently as it should be.

Shub & Johns has concern for consumers that may have lead-covered cable lines on their property and are not aware of the dangers they are being exposed to. If you have cable lines on your property and have experienced issues with lead exposure you may have a claim!

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