Land Rover and Range Rover Alleged Defect can lead to Stolen Vehicles

SUV in a parking garage.

Shub & Johns is investigating reports that certain Land Rover and Range Rover models are more likely to be stolen because of a critical design defect. Land Rover and Range Rover models released since 2020 may be equipped with defective keyless entry systems, making it significantly easier for thieves to unlock, start, and drive away with these vehicles.

Keyless entry is marketed to consumers as a cutting-edge feature that promotes convenience. But a defective keyless entry system does just the opposite, elevating the risk of vehicle theft or damage, a potentially huge financial hardship.

If you purchased a Land Rover or Range Rover since 2020 and the vehicle was stolen, it may be because of the keyless entry defect. Fill out the attached form to join the Shub & Johns investigation today!

Land/Range Rover Keyless Entry Intake Form