iPhone 15 Users Complain about Apple Car Play Connectivity Issues

center console touch screen of a vehicle with the GPS on.Shub & Johns LLC opens investigation into Apple after many iPhone 15 users and owners take to online forums to complain about issues connecting their new Apple device to their vehicle’s Apple Car Play service. Many believe this is an issue arising from the iPhone 15’s transition to using a USB-C port that may not be found in older and some more current vehicles.

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 iPhone Charging Cable Developments

Many Apple devices of the late 2000s and the early 2010s relied on a USB 30-pin docking cable – the wider port early Apple users may remember – to charge their iPhones, iPods and iPads. It wasn’t until 2012 that Apple made the switch to the more current lightning cable for its modern devices, and this was the status quo until about 2021 when lightning cables went from using the USB-A port to a USB-C port. While these changes may have peeved users, they could rely on the lightning cable to charge  modern devices. This changes with the iPhone 15.

In just about two years after the switch to the USB-C lightning cable, Apple changed the way the iPhone 15 and likely future devices could be charged by switching to a two-sided USB-C charging port – this means that the USB-C port plugs into both the iPhone and the wall adapter. While this isn’t new for Apple as users and owners of more modern Macbooks devices may already have these cables and adapters, the cable is new for iPhones and, subsequently, could cause issues for iPhone supportive products such as vehicles with Apple Car Play.

Vehicles with Apple Car Play, either manufactured into the vehicle or installed after purchase, rely on a cable to plug into the vehicle that connects to their iPhone. It is true that modern-day Samsung or Android devices adopted the USB-C charging port years ago, leading vehicle manufacturers to include USB-C ports in their more contemporary vehicle models. But many older vehicles may not contain this specific USB-C port and, in some cases, these USB-C ports are can only charge your devices.

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iPhone 15 Apple Car Play Issues

These developments with Apple devices may be leading to issues between the new iPhone 15 and Apple Car play where users are finding it hard to connect their devices to their vehicle. Many users either purchase a vehicle because it has Apple Car Play, or rely on Apple Car Play for navigation, entertainment, and other vehicle features. Now many are finding that they may not be able to use Apple Car Play with their new iPhone 15, or at the very least must purchase a separate attachment that may or may not work.

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