Impella Heart Pump still on Market, Despite Alleged Risk of Death

Healthcare staff decompresses in hallway.Shub & Johns LLC launches investigation into Abiomed, a Massachusetts-based medical equipment manufacturer and Johnson & Johnson MedTech subsidiary, after increasing reports come to light indicating that its Impella heart pumps were linked to approximately 49 deaths and plenty of injuries.

The Impella heart pump by Abiomed is a tiny device that are used to take over the work of one person’s heart during complex medical procedures. This means that the heart pump is threaded through blood vessels in order to circulate blood throughout the patient’s body. Various studies investigating the effects of the Impella heart devices’ use suggested a heightened risk that patients with unstable medical conditions or other complications could die. Reportedly, use of the Abiomed heart pump could tear through or puncture a wall of the heart.

In 2021, Abiomed initially posted a warning update on its website about its increased complications and risks, but neglected to notify the FDA. Only recently did the FDA issue an alert about the continued risk that the use of the Impella heart device could have on patients. Even with the FDA’s warning, these Impella devices continue to be sold and remain in use. Reportedly, Abiomed spent millions of dollars in promoting its heart pump as well as grants for hospitals that presumably use its Impella devices, and has made billions selling them. Despite rising reports of the health and safety risks that the Impella heart pump devices may pose to patients, Abiomed continues to sell these devices.

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