How Can You Protect Yourself from Your Personal Data Being Breached?

How Can Customers Protect Their Data?  

Cybercrime is a growing big business with no intentions on slowing down. The protection of customer data is important to businesses as it depends on it. When companies do not take securing customer data seriously, it leads them to be more vulnerable to hacks, loss of customer confidence, fines, lawsuits, etc. 

How Can You Prevent Your Data from Data Breaches?  

There are ways in which individuals can try and prevent from having their data breached. It can start by only keeping the information that you need. Keep track of the files and information that is stored on your computer. Reduce the amount of personal information that you keep on your computer and minimize the number of places that you keep that information stored. 

Most computers and phones have the ability to put a lock on documents that may contain private or personal information. By adding a password lock to your files, it can restrict hackers from trying to steal your information. It is also important that you do not use your social security number in any form like an account or ID number. Change this number immediately if you do use your SSN in another form. 

It is also important to keep track of your passwords and stored information (such as credit card numbers) and to update/delete them if you believe that your information may have been breached. Many sites have the capability to store your address, credit cards, and other personal information that can lead to a data breach. Limiting what sites are able to store can strengthen the security of your computer or phone and prevent a breach. 

What You Can Do if You are Hacked

There are steps that you can take in the event that you get hacked online. The first and most important step is to change your passwords. Try to limit using the same password for every login, making each one unique and not containing personal information like a birthdate or name can help create a stronger password. Create a password that contains both upper- and lower-case letters and numbers as well as symbols or special characters. Keeping an eye on bank statements is crucial to pick out any suspicious looking activity occurring on your account. If any suspicious activity has occurred, call you bank and freeze your accounts so it cannot continue to happen. You can also visit the Federal Trade Commission site to report identity theft. 

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