Potential Glitch in Administrative Systems causes Hospitals to Issue Incorrect Prescriptions

Healthcare staff decompresses in hallway.

Shub & Johns launches investigation into some hospitals across the US and Chameleon medical records system, after it was reported that hospitals around the country have incorrectly issued prescriptions to patients.

Hospitals around the US have reportedly been issuing the wrong medicines, or prescriptions meant for other patients, to individuals hospitalized or visiting hospitals over the last couple months. This issue was brought about by a potential administrative glitch or could possibly have been induced by a cyber security attack. The Chameleon medical records system used by affected hospitals is being investigated for the potential cause of the issue, but ultimately these hospitals believe that hundreds of patients have been impacted by this error over the last few weeks.

When hospitals give out incorrect prescriptions, it can pose a serious threat to the health of both the person receiving the medication as well as the person the prescription was meant for. It is therefore crucial that hospitals issue correct prescriptions and should maintain their records systems to prescribe the correct medicines safely and accurately to these patients. Moreover, if the Chameleon record system or hospitals have been affected by a cybersecurity attack, it could also pose a risk to patient information.

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