Holt Logistics – Potential Anticompetitive Practices Investigations

Semi-truck on a freeway.The law firm of Shub & Johns LLC is investigating a potential class action lawsuit against Holt Logistics related to recent allegations that it is utilizing its position and power as a local terminal operator to engage in anticompetitive conduct with respect to its brokerage practices that connects shippers with trucking companies.

Holt Logistics operates terminals on both sides of the Delaware River at the Port of Philadelphia shipping terminal. As a marine terminal operator, Holt Logistics is responsible for the loading and unloading ships. Significantly, it also operates other parts of the supply chain, such as determining how containers get from the terminal to a railroad or warehouse, and where their contents are stored before reaching manufacturers, distributors, or retailers.

Trucking companies have reportedly complained that Holt Logistics bundles these services — terminal operations, trucking brokerage, and warehousing — to shippers, offering lower rates that the trucking companies cannot match. Holt Logistics also reportedly offers other terminal services, such as clearing customs, to shippers that use its brokerage services. It has been reported that trucking companies have lost contracts with shipping customers to Holt Logistics as a result of this alleged conduct.

This conduct is reportedly under investigation by the Federal Maritime Commission. The federal Shipping Act prohibits a maritime terminal operator from providing unfair preferential treatment or engaging in certain activities that could undermine competition.

If you operate a trucking company that has been exposed to anticompetitive business practices or lost business because of this alleged conduct by Holt Logistics, or otherwise have information that might be relevant to this investigation, please fill out the form to speak with us for a free, no-obligation consultation.

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