GIPA – Illinois Employers may be Improperly using Employee Genetic Information when Hiring

employee taking notes as employer outlines terms of new contractShub & Johns launches investigation in several Illinois-based employers after employees issue claims indicating that some employers may be taking genetic information into account or requiring the submission of genetic information at the onset of the hiring process. These claims under the Genetic Information Privacy Act seek restitution when employers use genetic information to make employment and hiring decisions.

The Genetic Information Privacy Act (GIPA) was passed in 1998, but only in the last year did we start to see an influx of claims made by employees. The GIPA prevents employers from using genetic information, such as the results of the physical that may reveal health defects or family history, to make decisions during the hiring process. The statute also prevents insurance companies from using such genetic information when making underwriting decisions about who gets coverage and who does not.

Many claims pursuant to the GIPA have been made by employees in the last year, potentially providing these employees with restitution based on the employers negligent or even willful behavior.

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