GE Café Specialty Coffee Makers Defects lead to Customer Complaints - Shub & Johns Investigates

Shub & Johns launches investigation into GE Cafe products!

Someone pouring coffee from a carafe into a cup, and the coffee is spilling out.Issues with GE’s line of specialty Drip Coffee Makers, and potentially other similar products, are leaving customers irate at issues they are experiencing with the coffee maker’s carafe and overall quality. For a device as expensive as a luxury coffee maker, consumers presumed that the product would be high quality. However, some customers of GE Café’s specialty line are noting problems with their coffee makers, complaining especially that the product’s carafe is a burden.

Some customers have complained that the coffee maker’s carafe spills down the side when pouring, or that it does not fully drain when trying to empty the carafe out. Similarly, the spillage from the carafe’s spout, and even when the coffee’s drip mechanism leaks, leaves unwanted moisture at the bottom of the coffee maker. Consumers have also complained about the easy scratching and deterioration of the carafe’s body or handle.

Consumers fear that this may be more than just an individual device issue; the defects with the coffee maker may be similar across all manufactured products. For a pricey luxury item, these defects should not be an issue.

If you own a GE Café Specialty Drip Coffee Maker, or another GE Café product, and suffer from some of the mentioned defects – or have more complaints to raise – come tell us your story! Join Shub & Johns’ Investigation by completing the attached form!

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