2023 Ford F-150 “Stop Safely Now” and other Electrical Problems put Drivers at Risk

a blue Ford truck drives over a wooden bridge in the jungle.

Shub & Johns launches investigation into the 2023 Ford F-150 and possibly other years of the vehicle after consumers and drivers report that the vehicle may be experiencing issues with the vehicle’s electrical system. Owners and lessees have taken to online forums to voice their concerns with certain engine codes that display on the vehicle’s screen that reportedly lead to safety risks and other concerns about the operation of the vehicle.

The 2023 Ford F-150 has been reported to encounter critical electrical system issues, including alarming engine code messages such as “full accessory power active” and “stop safely now” engine codes. Many customers are unsure of what these codes mean but they find that when these codes are displayed, the vehicle either shuts off while turned off or will not turn on when the vehicle is shut off. These errors indicate unexpected and unexplained electrical system activity, potentially causing disruptions in vehicle operation.

These incidents pose safety risks and can result in unexpected road hazards. In cases where the vehicle will not start when these codes are displayed frequently and unexpectedly, it can be frustrating for owners to assess the issue over and over again. These engine codes displaying while driving, however, can lead to dangerous situations on the road and can the driver in jeopardy. Some drivers have shown their concern for how this can affect them, as these issues can seriously put drivers, passengers, and others on the road at risk.

Do you own a 2023 Ford F-150? Have you experienced similar electrical system issues or have encountered these codes before? Contact Shub and Johns today to join the investigation by filling out the attached form and letting us know your concerns!

2023 Ford F-150 Engine Code Intake Form