Febreze Leaking Car Clips May Cause Damage to your Vehicle

a car with an air freshener hanging above the air vent on the rearview mirror. The vehicle is driving down a freeway toward the sunset.

Shub & Johns Investigate
Febreze Car Clips

Shub & Johns LLC launches investigation into Procter & Gamble product – Febreze CAR clips – after receiving consumer complaints that the product’s chemical liquid leaks onto vehicles’ dashboards, potentially causing damage to the surface.

Though Febreze has marketed and sold its CAR vent clips as being “mess free” and “safe to use,” some vehicle owners have found that the car clip air freshener’s design can lead to leakage of the contained chemicals. Not only does this make a mess, but it can create damage to the vehicle and can pose danger to the consumer.

Febreze should have known about this potential defect in the design and manufacture of the CAR vent clip air freshener before it was sold to consumers nationwide. Now, without any indication of P&G taking responsibility, it may be the consumer who is left dealing with the damage.

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