Evolv AI Weapons Scanner used by US Schools may be Unreliable - Shub & Johns Investigates

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Shub & Johns launches an investigation into Evolv Technology, a human security company, that has produced and installed AI weapon-detection scanners across the US in schools, stadiums, and other heavy traffic amenity locations. Though the technology is touted as revolutionary for keeping people –especially students— safe from gun and knife violence, the AI scanner and Evolv were recently called into question when an individual swiftly carried a knife past the AI weapons detector at a New York School. The individual then used the undetected knife to stab another teen.

Evolv has continued to state that their combined powerful sensors and artificial intelligence technology can detect weapons more efficiently and with greater accuracy than regular metal detectors were. They previously touted that the AI scanner can create “weapons-free zones,” detecting weapons such as firearms, explosive devices, and knives. But since the stabbing in New York, investigations have discovered that large knives are able to slip through scanner. Evolv has since downgraded their statements from “weapons-free zones” to “safer zones.”

Schools across the US may be questioning their relationship with Evolv after news of the stabbing and investigation surfaced and changes to their marketing claims were made. It is dangerous to make fast changes to claims on your products effectiveness and capabilities when the product is meant for security and protection.

If you or your school or school district use or have used Evolv Technology AI weapons scanner and are worried that the scanner’s ability to detect weapons was not as advertised, or have already had issues with undetected weapons, let us know! Contact the team at Shub & Johns today by completing the attached form and tell us your experience!

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