Chester County Prison – Escaped Inmate Potential Class Action

Following the escape of an inmate from Chester County Prison, many schools, businesses and other store fronts have been forced to limit or cease operations. This can lead to potential losses in revenue or other monetary damages. 

If your business has been affected by this incident, fill out the attached form to participate in Shub & Johns’ investigation. Continue reading for more.

front door of a business with a tag indicating it is closed.

Shub & Johns is investigating a potential class action lawsuit against the Chester County Prison related to the escape of Convicted murderer Danelo Cavalcante on August 31, 2023. Cavalcante was convicted of murdering his former girlfriend and is considered to be extremely dangerous by law enforcement. As a result of his escape and the ensuring search, several local schools and businesses in Chester County have been forced to temporarily close (or significantly limit) their operations. As of Friday September 8, Cavalcante has not yet been apprehended. Moreover, it has been reported that in May of 2023 another inmate named Igor Vidra Bolte broke out of the same prison by scaling a wall in an exercise yard to gain access to the roof – the same method reportedly used by Cavalcante when he escaped in August.

Shub & Johns is investigating whether the Chester County Prison was negligent in allowing Cavalcante to escape in this manner, and whether this caused economic damages to local businesses that were impacted as a result. Please fill out the attached form to contact our law firm for additional information about our investigation.

Pennsylvania Store Shutdown Intake Form