Courts Crack Down on Deceptive Real Estate Moneymaking Practices - Shub & Johns Investigates

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Shub & Johns launches an investigation into deceptive realty practices many consumers and prospective investors may be falling victim to. After a real estate investment training program, Responsive Marketing, LLC, along with its principals and spokespeople were ordered to pay $15 million as part of a settlement agreement.

The investment firm allegedly used false promises and deceptive moneymaking opportunities to sell unknowing consumers expensive real estate programs and workshops with the promise of receiving access to additional, special tools that would lead to successful ventures. When prospective investors paid high prices for these workshops, many may have felt robbed to find that the additional resources initially offered were not free and could cost them as much as $30,000.

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and the Utah Department of Consumer Protection (DCP) have taken the steps to mitigate this issue, having Responsive Marketing cease their deceptive marketing practices, banning them from selling “wealth creation” products in the future, and ordering they pay affected consumers.

This decision by the Utah court, and the efforts made by the FTC and DCP to restrict these deceptive practices, may put other similarly minded investment firms and deceptive real estate programs in jeopardy! Consumers looking to invest and grow their net worth should not have to worry about being deceived by large companies and big-name endorsers.

Sound familiar? If you have made investments under the false pretense of receiving special benefits or resources and now feel like you are being deceived, let us know! Complete the attached form today and tell Shub & Johns your side of the story!

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