Comcast Xfinity Customers charged fees through new Peacock Subscription Policy

person watching television subscription service while sitting on their couch.

Comcast customers may be dealing with tech issues pertaining to the company’s streaming service, Peacock.  On or around June 26, 2023, Comcast began charging Peacock account holders $2.99. Previously, Comcast Xfinity subscribers were entitled to free subscriptions to the NBC streaming service. Consumer complaints have indicated, however, that these updated terms and technical issues have caused some headaches for viewers.

Some customers have reported issues with the transition stating that even though they are entitled to a free subscription they were still charged and the issue has not been resolved yet or has been resolved but took hours of their day to resolve the issue via customer service. These customers may have been wrongfully charged. Additionally, there are unspecified bugs that are preventing customers from including their discounted Peacock rate. This initially free subscription of Peacock was made to lure customers in, and after only a few years, was reversed. Customers may now be feeling stuck with a subscription plan that they never planned to pay for.

If you were automatically charged for the Peacock without knowledge of being charged then join Shub & Johns’ Investigation by completing the attached form on this page or contact us at 610-477-8380 or

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