Ground Cinnamon sold by Discount Retailers may contain Lead

ground cinnamon

Shub & Johns launches investigation into certain ground cinnamon products sold by discount retailers after a report by the U.S. Food & Drug Administration indicated that these ground cinnamon products were contaminated with high levels of lead.

After an October 2023 of lead-tainted cinnamon applesauce pouches led to 500 children falling ill, the FDA issued a survey of cinnamon products. The study revealed that cinnamon products sold in discount stores such as Dollar Tree and Family Dollar contained dangerous levels of lead, between 2.03 and 3.4 parts per million of lead.

Cinnamon products included in the FDA’s report include:

  • La Fiesta brand sold by La Superior and SuperMercados
  • Marcum brand sold by Save A Lot stores
  • MK brands sold by SF Supermarket
  • Swad brand sold by Patel Brothers
  • El Chilar brand sold by La Joya Morelense
  • Supreme Tradition brand sold by Dollar Tree and Family Dollar stores.

No amount of lead is safe for consumers to ingest or be exposed to, especially children. Long-term exposure of lead can lead to health issues and developmental issues in young children, including learning disabilities and behavioral issues.

Did you purchase any of the above indicated cinnamon products? Complete the attached form and join the Shub & Johns investigation today!

Ground Cinnamon Lead Level Intake Form

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