Bosch Dishwashers Potentially Catch Fire due to Alleged Defect

loaded dishwasher

Shub & Johns is investigating reports that Bosch dishwashers have a tendency to catch fire. It appears that, due to an alleged control panel defect, Bosch dishwashers are more likely than the average dishwasher to overheat and catch fire.

This is a serious problem. Even in a best-case scenario, an electrical appliance fire is likely to result in substantial property damage and burdensome repair costs. And in a worst-case scenario, such a fire can do much worse, causing severe or even life-threatening injuries to loved ones.

Have you purchased a Bosch dishwasher that caused an electrical fire in your home? If so, we’d like to hear from you. Fill out the attached form to join the Shub & Johns investigation today.

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