BMW X5 models Allegedly Experiencing Drivetrain and High Voltage Defects

mechanic looks at the batter of the vehicle.

Shub & Johns LLC launches investigation into BMW after consumers have reported warning notification on the vehicle’s display that may indicate drivetrain malfunction errors within the vehicle. Drivers and Owners of the 2023 BMW X5 take to online forums to voice their concerns with repeated issues across X5 models.

Drivers  have reported that 2023 BMW X5 displaying drivetrain and high-voltage warnings may result in the vehicle disabling. Some instances have surfaced where drivers receive these warnings, indicating potential issues with the vehicle’s drivetrain or high-voltage systems, which can lead to loss of functionality of the vehicle. Some consumers have reported that this is a chronic and systematic problem with the BMW X5. Dealerships can provide a vehicle software update but this may not be a guaranteed solution to the vehicle malfunction.

BMW X5s continue to experience drivetrain issues and high voltage concerns. Such incidents pose significant safety risks, potentially leaving drivers stranded or in hazardous situations on the road. Continued issues with the drivetrain could also leave owners and lessees paying unwanted out-of-pocket expenses to repair the vehicle.

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BMW X5 High Voltage Warning Intake Form