Bamboozle Ticket Buyers Feel Scammed – Shub & Johns Investigate

Shub & Johns launches investigation into false advertising claims against Bamboozle Music Festival after ticket prices dropped, burning early bird buyers.

disappointed fans sit on the ground of a music festival.

Bamboozle Music Festival Fans Feel Scammed!

Fans of the highly anticipated return of Music Festival, Bamboozle, are dubbing the event Scamboozle after early bird ticket buyers discovered a drop in ticket prices after promises made by festival founder, John D’Esposito, dwindled in credibility. D’Esposito charged attentive fans and prospective festival goers a premium price for early bird tickets, insisting that the Bamboozle ticket prices would jump as more stars sign on. But ticket prices fell when fewer top billed performers signed on than anticipated.

Not only do ticket buyers feel bamboozled, some also worry for their safety after D’Esposito, on top of refusing refunds, began bullying and threatening fans who made complaints. On various occasions, D’Esposito publicly trolled and cyberbullied fans who had posted criticisms on social media.

If you purchased tickets to Bamboozle and feel scammed, fill out the attached form and get in touch with Shub & Johns about your concerns!

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