Avast Sells Data and Dupes Consumers with False Promises of Privacy

Shub & Johns launches investigation into the UK-based mobile software company Avast Limited after the FTC reported concerns the company’s antivirus software may actually be a way for the company to secure and distribute consumer data without user consent.

Avast Antivirus is a software used by many individuals to protect browser data and user privacy. Avast Limited promotes its antivirus software as a way to block unwanted cookies attempting to collect data, or alert consumers to adware or deceptive mobile apps trying to steal user data. What the company wasn’t telling consumers is that Avast was also trafficking its users browser data to third party companies using Jumpshot, an antivirus turned analytics company that Avast acquired in 2014.

Under Avast, Jumpshot promised its clients a deep and detailed look at audiences visiting the client sites, providing browser history, web movement, and even specific URLs and other detailed and personal web information. This data would assist Jumpshot’s clients make better business decisions. What Jumpshot was not so clear about was that the information being sold to third parties came from consumers who used to Avast software to protect their data!

This can leave consumers feeling disturbed and unsafe, as it is possible that their information was actually recorded and sold to a company without their consent. Are you a Avast Antivirus software user? Believe that you may have been impacted? Fill out the attached form and join the Shub & Johns investigation today.

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