Battery in Arlo Essential 2nd Generation Camera is Reportedly Defective, Draining too Quickly

a damaged camera taken apart for repair.Shub & Johns launches investigation into the Arlo Essentials 2nd Generation Outdoor Camera after some consumers take to online forums to report on consistent battery drain issues that may stem from a potential defect with the device. If you own an 2nd Generation Outdoor Camera from Arlo Essentials that has experienced similar issues, fill out the attached form to join the investigation.

Battery Drain Issue with Arlo Essentials Camera

Reports from Consumers have indicated that the Arlo Essentials 2nd Generation Outdoor Camera has been grappling with battery drain issues, potentially stemming from a manufacturing defect. Owners of the device have claimed that the camera’s battery drains at a faster than normal rate, despite various attempts at troubleshooting the problem. Fully charging the camera or placing it in a different location closer to the wireless router may not actually improve the quality of life for the camera’s battery.

The battery drain problems with the Arlo Essentials 2nd Generation Outdoor Camera may impact its overall effectiveness and could result in unexpected downtime for your security setup. This defect has the potential to compromise the camera’s ability to provide continuous monitoring, and when the camera is drained it could lead to consumers spending time mitigating the issue themselves or with customer support. This issue can also lead to security risks that could have been prevented if the camera’s battery was not drained.

Do you own the 2nd Generation Outdoor Camera from Arlo Essentials? Are you experiencing the same battery drain issues? Let us know! Fill out the attached form and join the Shub & Johns investigation today.

Arlo Essential Battery Drain Intake Form

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