Apple Receives Complaints on Deceptive Programming Tactics — Shub & Johns Investigates

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Shub & Johns launches investigation into Apple after a complaint released by the French-based “Stop Planned Obsolescence” association (also sometimes referred to as the HOP association) indicated that Apple was implementing deceiving practices of product obsolescence.

The HOP investigation, starting in December of 2022, alleges that Apple ties serial numbers of repair parts to the serial numbers of iPhones, iPads, and Mac products. This practice makes it difficult for both Apple-approved and unapproved repairers to successfully make repairs to Apple products. In a process known as serializiation, or pairing, the manufacturer of these iPhones and iPads associates spare parts to the specific product it was manufactured for by linking through the products’ microchips.

Unfortunately, this means that a repair could work on a product until the iPhone, iPad, or Macbook require an update. The update to the product could result in the Apple software rejecting authorization of the product’s use due to the unapproved repair. This could render your Apple products unusable.

The HOP association and the team at Shub & Johns are continuously investigating this matter. Have you already experienced issues regarding obsolescence with your Apple Device? Does your iPhone, iPad, or Macbook not work anymore after a repair or software update? Contact Shub & Johns by filling out the attached form and tell us your story today!

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