American Airlines practices may Result in Consumers losing Money

a child on an airplane seat looking out the window.Shub & Johns opens investigation against American Airlines after consumer complaints indicate that the airline refused to refund ticket prices to consumer after denying the consumer’s right to sit her child in a seat by themself. Though the mother reviewed the airline’s policy prior to purchasing the ticket, and even being allowed to sit her infant child in a seat without a car seat on a previous flight with American, the airline did not allow her to continue this practice. American also denied her a refund because, though her child could not sit on the seat alone, the child still rode on the airplane – albeit on a kind stranger’s lap.

Generally, when you purchase a seat at a movie theater, a concert, or on an airplane, you expect to be able to sit in the seat you paid for. When you’re a parent, you take your children into consideration when finding ways to save money on seating while still making sure they have a place to sit. That’s what this mother did. Though consumers pay for seats on airlines, American Airlines is proving that just because you paid for a seat it doesn’t mean you are allowed to sit there.

Consumers may be concerned that they could be out of hundreds of dollars should practices by big companies like this continue, even when paying premium prices to make sure your accommodation needs are taken care of. Attorneys and staff at Shub & Johns are investigating this matter on behalf of individuals potentially affected by this matter. If you have paid for an airline seat but were denied the right to sit there, let us know! Fill out the attached form to get in contact with Shub & Johns today!

American Airlines Economic Loss Form