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Wage theft is illegal. If your employer has forced you to work off-the-clock or has failed to pay you overtime for working more than 40 …

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Shub Law investigates airline companies, such as Southwest, for failing to issue refunds for cancelled flights during COVID-19 outbreak

Shub Law is currently investigating airline companies such as Southwest who failed to issue refunds to customers during the COVID-19 outbreak. COVID-19 first made its …

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Shub Law Investigates Cookware Brand, All-Clad, for Allegedly Defective Products

All-Clad has been making cookware products for over 40 years. Because of its reputation, customers expected All-Clad’s products to live up to its label advertisements. …

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Shub Law is currently investigating Ticketmaster for refusing to refund customers of cancelled or rescheduled events

COVID-19 first entered the United States in early 2020. In almost all 50 states,  the local government shut down large gatherings of people. Ticketmaster – …

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Shub Law Investigates Denied Business Interruption Claims

Shub Law is currently investigating denied business interruption claims filed in response to COVID-19 losses. Businesses across the United States have experienced monetary losses after …

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