U.S. Logistics Solutions Owner possibly Violates WARN Act with Sudden Layoffs

an arial view of a column of semi trucks parked on a loading bay.Shub & Johns LLC launches investigation into U.S. Logistics Solutions (USLS) and owner after a recent report indicated the company’s sudden cease in operations. This unexpected shuttering of the business caught about 2,000 employees by surprise, leaving truck drivers, warehouse workers, and office personnel without jobs.

The Texas-based logistics company, U.S. Logistics Solutions, held conference calls on June 20, 2024 with some employees indicating the company would be ceasing continuation of its business operations after the company’s owner, private equity firm Ten Oaks Group, decided to close the business – some workers were even only notified via text that their jobs were slashed.

Ten Oaks Group had not issued any warning that USLS employees would be losing their jobs, nor was there any notice filed of the logistics company’s impending closure. This sudden cease of operations may be a direct violation of the WARN Act, see our previous article on the same topic.

Any company with more than 100 employees are required to notify workers of any impending layoffs or cease of operations pursuant to the WARN Act, or Worker Adjustment and Retaining Notification Act. Even though the company had been laying off employees for months prior to the recent shut down, WARN requires a company to provide 60-day notice to employees if there will be mass layoffs – something that the 2,000 truck drivers warehouse workers, and office personnel who lost their jobs on June 20 did not receive.

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