Lennox Evaporator Coils may continue to Leak, Consumers Report

lennox copper evaporator coil, close up.

Shub & Johns is opening an investigation into Lennox Industries after more consumers have reported issues with their Lennox appliances due to an allegedly faulty evaporator coil. A previous settlement was reached to provide relief to individuals who had indicated that the copper evaporator coil installed in their homes or that they themselves purchased had been leaking. Individuals could file claims under the settlement if they had purchased Lennox evaporator coils between October 29, 2007 and July 9, 2015. But what about similarly defective coils purchased after July 9, 2015?

After consumers have reported that they may be facing similar leaking issues with their evaporator coil that were purchased after 2015, Shub & Johns opened an investigation to speak with consumers who may also be experiencing these defects.

If you purchased an evaporator coil or purchased a home that had an evaporator coil previously installed, and have experienced leaking issues with the copper coil, let us know! Fill out the form to speak with a Shub & Johns team member!

Lennox Updated Evaporator Coil Intake Form