Crocs’ supposed “Patented” Foam Technology may be False Advertising

crocs on a dirt field.Shub & Johns LLC launches investigation into Crocs for a potential false advertising claim concerning its supposed “patented” foam technology used to manufacture its footwear. The company may be deceiving consumers who purchase Crocs clogs under the assumption that these products are patented technology when they are actually not.

Crocs recently came under fire for the decade-long advertising campaign of “patented foam technology” in the creation of their clogs. Since 2004, crocs have been marketing their footwear as being manufactured using a patented material even though the material used to create crocs has never been patented. Crocs may believe that simply using the term patented in their advertising is not harmful and does not violate false advertising laws, but consumers and competitors may feel different.

Consumers who purchase crocs may be heavily relying on this patent claim in purchasing Crocs footwear. Perhaps the patent claim leads consumers to believe that this product is approved by government organizations. Consumers may even feel that the patented technology claims justifies its lofty price compared to competitors. With the knowledge that there is no patent for the foam technology that Crocs are made of, consumers may feel duped into paying a higher price than they would or should have and may even feel outright deceived by the company.

Did you purchase crocs based on its “patented” foam technology claim? Do you feel duped by the company into paying more for the product because of its patent claim? Let us know! Fill out the attached form to join the Shub & Johns investigation today!

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