CDK Global Data Breach May Impact Auto Dealerships’ Business Operations

an automobile dealershipShub & Johns LLC launches investigation into CDK Global, a software company providing services to thousands of automobile dealerships across the United States, after the company experienced multiple cyberattacks.

Cybersecurity attacks have grown exponentially in the last few years, affecting the digital security of health organizations, realty and retail companies, and now it is seemingly impacting the auto industry. On or around June 19, 2024, CDK Global, an Illinois-based software technology provider, experienced back-to-back cyber-attacks leading the company to shut down its systems. CDK’s shut down all of its systems in order to conduct a investigation of the attack, but the outage seemingly impacted many of CDK’s clients – the auto dealerships – and their operation systems.

With the CDK systems down, dealerships — including those that represent major auto companies such as Ford, Stellanis, and BMW — are left without their usual sales services software, disrupting business applications and processes for many auto dealers. While some auto dealers have turned to manual methods of its everyday operations, many have been left without a system to operate the business as usual. This can lead many auto dealers to lose out on revenue and profit from vehicle sales or even excessively reduce the productivity from other daily operation.

Not only does the CDK shut down diminish the operations of the dealership, the cybersecurity attack that led to the shutdown also puts the dealership’s customers and consumers at risk. The incident within CDK Global’s systems may lead to consumers feeling betrayed by their auto dealerships and potentially ridding the dealer from prospective sales in the future. The dealership may also be required to procure its own data and information privacy systems in response to the data breach.

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