Adobe Potentially Hiding Fees and Hurdles for Consumers Canceling Subscriptions

An angry man an screams into a telephone.Shub & Johns launches investigation into Adobe after consumers report that a recent update to Adobe’s terms of service may create confusion for consumers seeking to cancel subscriptions to Adobe’s products and services. While Adobe indicates that its subscription services are convenient and consumer friendly, it may actually be making it more difficult for consumers to cancel subscriptions, either by adding hurdles to the cancellation process or tacking on early termination fees.

Consumers canceling their subscription of Adobe products issued complaints against the company after it discovered that an early termination fee would be imposed on them, despite being unaware of the added stipulation. Adobe recently began pushing its “annual paid monthly” subscription plan to its consumers, but did not adequately alert consumers that consumers would receive an early cancellation fee would if they cancelled the subscription within the first year, burying the fee language in the fine print instead. And though Adobe representatives tout that the subscription plans are meant to fit the needs and budgets of the consumer, locking them into a monthly-paid year-long plan seemingly inconveniences consumers.

Even when consumers try to call or chat with Adobe representative to cancel their subscription, they run into obstacles and hurdles that prevent them from successfully canceling the service. Customers either have their calls or chat lines dropped when on the phone with Adobe customer support or are transferred to multiple representatives potentially without much success in cancelling the service.

With these hurdles consumers are meant to jump through just to cancel a subscription service, consumers may feel deceived by Adobe’s misleading statements and service terms. And with imposed early termination fees, these consumers may also need to pay out-of-pocket expenses they never intended to pay in order to be relieved of Adobe’s allegedly deceptive subscription.

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