2024 Toyota Tundra Alleged Defects may lead to Engine Failure

Mechanic working on the underside of a vehicle.Shub & Johns LLC launches investigation into Toyota after the company issued a recall on 2024 Toyota Tundra models. The vehicle may be experiencing engine failure issues after some consumers reported their discover of metal pieces in their oil after routine oil changes.

Consumers take to online forums to voice their concerns about a potential defect with the new 2024 Toyota Tundra. The 2024 Tundra, equipped with a V6 engine – differing from previous Tundra models equipped with a V8 engine – may be experiencing deterioration of the engine that may lead to complete engine failure. These issues pose a serious threat to consumers who purchased the car as it seems that Toyota has not been able to issue a fix for this potential defect that could cost consumers thousands to repair or replace. This alleged defect can also create a serious risk on the road for both drivers and passengers of the Tundra and others on the road as well.

Toyota Tundra drivers who take their vehicle in for a routine service check and oil change may discover pieces of metal or other debris shavings in the vehicle’s oil. Though it is unclear what the root of the defect is, this symptom means that the Tundra and its parts are not meeting quality specifications. Toyota has recalled over 100,000 vehicles that are potentially experiencing this issue.

Are you the owner or lessee of a 2024 Toyota Tundra? Have you discovered metal shavings in your oil or are concerned about the safety of your vehicle? Let us know! Fill out the attached for and join the Shub & Johns investigation today!

Toyota Tundra Metal Shavings Defect Intake Form